How to Borrow

Finding Books, Journals and Theses

独奏 (Search Oxford Libraries Online) has details of the Earth Sciences library’s physical resources – books, journals and theses.

It also has details of holdings throughout the university’s many other libraries, as well as electronic holdings.

It will indicate:

  • 它在哪里 – EAR Main 图书馆, EAR Confined Cupboard or EAR Basement.
  • shelfmark – where it can be found on the shelves.
  • 贷款状态 – Apply 工作人员, Reference or Available. A date means it has been borrowed.


Undergraduates are automatically registered to use the library.

如果你是 DTP student, a Postgraduate 或者一个 member of staff please register, either in person or by 发邮件 the librarian with:

  • your university card number
  • the expiry date


To borrow from the library, use the self-check machine.

  • Choose ‘Borrow & 更新的
  • Scan the barcode on your university card
  • Place books on the laminated sign
  • A list of books will appear in green once they have been issued
  • Select ‘finish’

*Incorrectly issued books will set off the alarm.*

If you set of the alarm:

  • Try issuing the book again
  • If it is a reference book 或者一个 confined book, it will set off the alarm. These books must not be taken out of the library.
  • If it continues to set off the alarm, leave it on the desk for investigation when the librarian is next available


You can now return books using the self-check machine

  • Select ‘return’
  • Place books on the pad
  • A list of books will appear when they have been returned correctly
  • Press ‘finish’
  • Place books on the trolley

*If a hold is activated, put the book in the 返回 Box on the librarian’s desk.*

If you encounter any problems, enter your university card barcode and the barcode of the book in the notebook provided.


Reader Status Number of loans 借期
1st-3rd 一年 6本书 1周
4th 12本书 2周
Postgraduates 20本书 3个月
工作人员 20本书 1年
Visiting academics 20本书 1个月
External readers by arrangement with the librarian



To ensure a book is held for you when it is returned by another reader:

  • 签署 独奏
  • 点击“保存”

The librarian will email you when it becomes available.

You will need to scan it out as usual when you collect it.


Renew your books as soon as you receive a ‘图书馆 Reminder’ email.

Sign in to your account on 独奏 :

  • A list of books you have on loan
  • The date they are due back
  • Renewal functions

Books can be renewed 9 times. After that they need to be returned to the library and re-issued (if the book  isn’t needed by another reader).



罚款 are not currently charged – if loans are not returned promptly this will be revised.


You remain responsible f或者一个 book until it is returned.

Do not give books to another reader unless they have been returned and re-issued.

In cases of loss or damage you will be asked to buy a replacement.

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